Newsletter „Countering hostile messages on the Internet”

Newsletter „Countering hostile messages on the Internet”

With the progress of the activities under the project “Sustainable youth against far-right extremist messages online” and the online campaign “Find another way” some of the main results so far have been summarized in a monthly newsletter.

Newsletter 1/ February 2021

The first edition presents latest research, publications and resources prepared on the topic of counteracting hostile messages on the Internet. The main highlights are the study of the Center for the Study of Democracy on how far-right messages are perceived by young people in Bulgaria, as well as the expert opinion on these issues by Jonathan Russell from the EU Radicalisation Awareness Network.

Full text (Adobe PDF, 3.06 MB, in Bulgarian)

Newsletter 2/ March 2021

The second issue of the monthly newsletter was distributed at the end of March. The new issue puts the focus on a Handbook of critical thinking and tolerance, prepared by the team of the Safer Internet Center and containing a collection of interactive lessons for developing tolerance and critical thinking in students aged 14-19. The newsletter also presents the expert opinion of social pedagogue Stanislav Dodov on the topic of vulnerabilities and resilience of young people in Bulgaria to far-right messages.

Full text (Adobe PDF, 5.35 MB, in Bulgarian)

Newsletter 3/ June 2021

The third issue of the monthly newsletter was distributed at the end of June. The latest issue puts focus on the video materials produced during the Find Another Way campaign and the Policy Brief which presents the main findings of the project and gives policy recommendations for countering radicalization through strategic communication. The newsletter also presents the results and evaluation of the campaign and the dissemination events which were held in April-May 2021.

Full text (Adobe PDF, 4.41 MB, in Bulgarian)