Talented singer Preyah, the tandem Pavel Kolev and Hristo Stefanov, known as the Players, and the creative Stefan Popov-Chefo, get behind the cause

The “Find another way” national campaign, which is gaining popularity among youngsters, has gained support from local influencers who stand behind the messages of the campaign. The favorites of thousands of young people in Bulgaria Preyah, Pavel Kolev and Hristo Stefanov, as well as Stefan Popov-Chefo, stand with their faces behind the interesting campaign, appreciating its importance and the messages with which it engages young people in Bulgaria.

Through a series of videos and creative content on social media, presented in an engaging way for young audiences, as well as through hands-on training with teachers, the “Find another way” campaign aims to develop youngsters’ necessary skills to evaluate information and recognize the ultimate and radical content online.

Pavel Kolev and Hristo Stefanov (Itsaka) are vloggers with almost one million followers across the social media platforms YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. In their channels they entertain their followers with fun skits and challenges. The vloggers have several released songs which in just a short time have turned into hits and each has reached over 6 million views. The youngsters will use a variety of creative formats to support the campaign’s communication activities throughout the year.

Another famous person that the young people will be able to see in the first video, part of the campaign, is the extremely talented young singer Preyah Osasei. She creates modern and interesting music, with hits such as “Forbidden Access”, “The Little Things” and her latest single “Bad Habit”, which is part of her debut album, with which the singer delighted her numerous fans in the middle of last year.

Another key participant in the launch video for the campaign is the National Academy of Theater and Film Arts graduate actor and vlogger Stefan Popov-Chefo. With his first role, Popov declares his undisputed talent by starring in the movie “Bulgarian Rhapsody” by director Ivan Nichev. The film was selected to represent Bulgaria at the 87th Academy Awards in 2014 for Best Foreign Language Film. For almost five years now, he has been a reporter on the Bulgarian National TV’s show “The day with Georgi Lyubenov”.

The young talents stand behind the campaign, as they sincerely believe in the meaning of the campaign’s goals and realize that as celebrities, whose opinion is valued and listened to by young people, they have the responsibility to their followers to show them positive examples and to promote practical skills in dealing with manipulative content online. A key element of the “Find another way” campaign is to encourage young people’s civic engagement by showing good examples of engagement.

The campaign is funded by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs’ Civil Society Empowerment Program and will run through 2020.

“Find Another Way” has been developed to support European Commission policies that aim to guarantee the economic, cultural and social growth of EU countries and are able to develop in a stable, legal and secure environment, as well as in building an open and safer Europe.

The campaign is executed by the communication agency Intelday Solutions in partnership with the Center for the Study of Democracy and the Applied Research and Communications Fund.